TYPE: Regular School Board Meeting
DATE: 10/12/2017 TIME: 6:00 PM
LOCATION: Robert C. Claud, Sr. Boardroom, Isle of Wight County Courthouse
1.0 Call To Order
1.1 The Chairman will call the meeting to order. Info
2.0 Roll Call
2.1 The Clerk will call roll. Info
3.0 Approval of Agenda or Amendments
3.1 Amendments to the Agenda Action
4.0 Motion to go into Closed Session
4.1 Motion to go into Closed Session. Action
5.0 Request to Speak in Closed Session
5.1 Request to Speak in Closed Session - Five minutes allotted time to speak. Info
6.0 Reconvene into Open Session
7.0 Certification of Resolution of Compliance
7.1 Certification of Compliance Action
8.0 Welcome
8.1 The Chairman will welcome everyone present. Info
9.0 Pledge of Allegiance and Moment of Silence
9.1 Mrs. Hulick will lead the Pledge of Allegiance. Info
10.0 Isle of Wight Achievers
10.1 Isle of Wight Achievers Info
10.2 Seniors of the Month Info
10.3 GCA Services "Employee of the Month" (Custodial) Info
10.4 GCA Services "Employee of the Month" (Maintenance) Info
11.0 Special Presentations
11.1 Strategic Plan Public Hearing Info
12.0 Request to Speak
12.1 Request to Speak - Five Minutes Allotted per Speaker Info
13.0 Board Member Committee Reports
13.1 Committee Reports Info
14.0 Financial Presentation
14.1 September Financial Information Info
14.2 Proposed Budget Calendar Info
15.0 Support Services
15.1 Transportation Report Info
15.2 Construction Update Info
15.3 RFP on Roof Bid Action
16.0 Report from the Superintendent
16.1 Special Education Update Info
16.2 Child Find Info
16.3 CTE Shuttle Update Info
16.4 Appointment of Deputy Clerk/Textbook Clerk Action
16.5 Strategic Plan 2016-2021 Action
16.6 Security Grant Appropriation Request Action
17.0 Action on Closed Session Items
17.1 Personnel Report Action
18.0 Adoption of Consent Agenda
18.1 Consent Agenda Action
19.0 Policy Updates and Revisions
19.1 Regulations and Exhibits Info
19.2 Policies for second reading Action
20.0 Board Member Requests and Comments
20.1 Board Comments Info/Action
21.0 Adjournment
21.1 Adjourn Info